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Tower of London Welcome Centre video, produced by David Souden and David Allen/eMoot

Books, television, radio and video production, are all essential parts of Past Present’s considerable output.


David Souden’s writing ranges across many areas – heritage, historic buildings, landscapes, and towns; oral history; company and business history; and population studies. The past is the common thread. Strong and clear narratives, a close attention to detail, and in-depth research are all characteristic of the Past Present approach.

The same is true for David’s back catalogue in television, radio and non-broadcast media production, including award-winning programmes for Discovery’s Ancient Inventions and Channel 4’s Dispatches. Video production and presentation are integral to much of Past Present’s interpretation and exhibition work.

Radio and TV


NMS, Scotland to the World
England's World Heritage
Hampton Court Palace
The Royal Palaces of Lodnon
Migration & Society
Short Breaks in Historic Country Towns
Byng's Tours
All In The Same Boat
The Bank and the Sea
This Land of England
The Works of Thomas Robert Malthus
The Waterman Story
The Victorian Village
The Victorian Village, published in Japanese
Unknown Warriors, Voices over the horizon
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